Hospital organisation


You will find a detailed graphic overview of our organisation under Inselspital Organigramm (PDF, 24 KB).

Since 1 September 2013 Inselspital and Spital Netz Bern have had a joint Board of Management, composed of seven directors and the Chairman of the Board.

The extended Board of Management is a consultative committee of the Board of Management and gives its views on the strategic direction of Inselspital. It is made up of the members of the Board of Management and the heads of departments.

Inselspital consists of seven directorates: Medical Directorate, Directorate of Teaching and Research, Directorate of Nursing/MTT, Operations Directorate, Services Directorate, Infrastructure Directorate and Human Resources Directorate. The Chairman commands a staff. The directorates and the staff have managerial authority in their area of expertise with regard to the other directorates and also to the departments (and their clinics and institutes).

Inselspital's clinics and institutes are merged into departments. The core task of the department is coordinating operational, organisational and administrative processes.

The clinics and institutes manage and are responsible for the core business of the University Hospital, i.e. medical services, teaching and research, as well as education in the health care professions.


Inselspital is supported by Inselspital-Stiftung. The foundation dates back to the last will and testament of Anna Seiler from Bern dated 29 November 1354.